A unique way of working on developmental trauma

2 day introductory Workshop with Bodynamic teacher Michael Rupp

This Workshop offers you a detailed introduction into the way the Bodynamic approach (a somatic developmental psychology) works with developmental trauma and how to open up ways to posttraumatic growth.

Delivery: Online (Zoom)   Price: £140.00

About this workshop

A developmental trauma is comprised of a series of early traumatic experiences in childhood that have a decisive impact on the formation of our character. It is often perceived as a kind of hopelessness or deep inability to change a specific behaviour in relation to people or the world at large.

This often indicates a deep, persevering psychological wound in us. From this place we cannot really perceive reality or people objectively, it is like living in a closed black box made up primarily of defences, a different reality paradigm that distorts the way we relate to everything “outside”. Part of this is a damaging loss of self-worth and of specific skills, like for instance setting boundaries or speaking up for what we need. In consequence we feel deeply incapacitated in certain areas of our lives, helpless and isolated.

Also, our body, or “body ego” suffers and the traumatic experiences are deeply imprinted on the physical level, too. It influences or even shape our body posture, our body awareness, the way we move and express ourselves and consequently our ability to manage stress and intense emotions. In this way the traumatic content is mostly stored implicitly in our body and mind and not easily accessible via explicit memory or language. Bodynamic has developed a very precise knowledge on how this early “coding” and the underlying tension patterns (hypo- and hypertonus) determine how we will experience our life later.

However, it is possible to access early developmental trauma and resolve it eventually. To this end we are using different sensing techniques, and precise movements from the corresponding age level plus congruent, contained mirroring to meet the client. It is very important to actually support him or her in the original developmental age in the here and now thus meeting the person in the area where their original need wasn’t met.

Part of this workshop will be to demonstrate specific exercises, which will activate crucial “Ego functions” like eg. boundaries, grounding, emotional self-regulation etc. to resource your body and mind. Furthermore, a number of Bodynamic concepts and models to diagnose developmental trauma correctly will be presented, like an overview over developmental phases, “typical” trauma (eg. attachment trauma, or trauma regarding one`s autonomy, will or sexuality etc.) and the resulting character structure positions (early/resigned and late/held back or defensive).

We will summarize the seminar with an outlook on potential posttraumatic growth, based on the precise activation of individual resources, conscious decisions and authentic relationships.


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This two day Bodynamic workshop is delivered online over Zoom between 10am and 5pm BST on September 18th and 19th, 2021. The price for the two-day workshop is £140.

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